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Welcome to Barb’s Custom Embroidery!

Barbara “Barb” Scofield started Barb’s Custom Embroidery in 2012 as an outlet to use her business management skills, creativity, and drive to be productive. What started as a passion project in her Medford, Oregon, home has grown into a successful small business that helps to provide clients throughout Southwest Oregon with high-quality custom embroidery at a low price.

The demand for Barb’s embroidered patches in Oregon, combined with her pragmatic sensibilities and reliability, has enabled her brainchild to grow significantly in a very short time. She has since turned companies from all over the country into valued customers who continue to come back for more of her custom embroidery!

Barb’s Custom Embroidery offers a wide range of custom embroidery, including embroidered tote bags, embroidered hats and ball caps, embroidered jackets, and embroidered patches in Oregon. She also customizes personal items for special events like birthdays, family gatherings, and other personal celebrations. Barb’s Custom Embroidery also works with clients on corporate and executive events in the Medford area and even from coast to coast. Large or small, personal or corporate, across town or across the country, Barb’s Custom Embroidery can enrich your experience and add a little creativity into your life with custom embroidery.

The goal of Barb’s Custom Embroidery is to provide embroidered patches in Oregon and other customized products in a timely fashion without sacrificing quality and to provide it all for a very competitive cost. If you can punch a hole in it, Barb can embroider it. Give Barb’s Custom Embroidery a call at 405-740-8006 today to discuss exactly what you need!