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How to Get Your Design Files Ready for Custom Embroidery

Custom Embroidery in OR

So, you’ve decided to have your business or organization’s logo embroidered on T-shirts, polos or hats. Congratulations! We think you’ve made a great choice and are well on your way to getting noticed.

Now that you’ve gotten the ball rolling, it’s time to get your design files ready for custom embroidery. Here’s how:

Use the right software

In Adobe Illustrator, you can create vector (AI or EPS) files. Vector files are preferable for custom designs because they allow your design to be scaled to any size without a loss of clarity.

Make sure you’re using high-resolution images

Lower resolution will cause your image to blur and affect the quality of the finished design. Set the resolution of your image to 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Choose the right size for fonts

Keep in mind that any lettering will be stitched in thread, and you should choose the right size to make sure it’s legible. The recommended minimum height for lettering is a half-inch. Avoid choosing anything smaller than a quarter-inch.

Save an editable copy for yourself

You may wind up deciding to make changes in your design, so make sure to save yourself a copy you can edit when you send your design to us!

If you’re interested in creating professional custom-embroidered apparel or accessories at prices you can afford, check out Barb’s Custom Embroidery. As Barb says: If we can punch a hole in it, we can embroider it! Give us a call at 541-601-0594 to get a quote and place your order.

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