Embroidery Gallery

From the intricate design of a distinctive snowflake to your favorite cartoon character, Barb’s Custom Embroidery can create any custom logo embroidery in Oregon you desire.

Specializing in custom hat embroidery, embroidered shirts, tote bags, and more, Barbara “Barb” Scofield offers her artistic expertise as a master of the embroidery arts to help create the perfect design or logo for you. There is no custom logo embroidery in Oregon that is too complex or too imaginative for her to handle from her Medford, Oregon, studio.

Barb’s Custom Embroidery has created an extensive range of lively shirts, custom hat embroidery, and bags, and you’ll be amazed at how your logos come out. You would think they were conjured up by a team of graphic designers! Plus, when you work with Barb’s Custom Embroidery, you’ll get high-quality products as well as a nice personal touch and a more affordable price than you would find at many other places.

Barb’s Custom Embroidery has come a long way for such a small and young company. In just four short years, Barb’s has grown a dedicated base of local customers that has been wonderful as far as spreading the word about Medford’s biggest not-so-well-kept secret. Outside of offering custom hat embroidery and other embroidered products for businesses and corporations across the country, Barb’s also designs unique and custom logo embroidery in Oregon for personal occasions and items. In the past, Barb’s Custom Embroidery has designed logos for landscaping businesses, athletic clubs, and even bridal parties. The logos have included everything from embroidered versions of your favorite klutzy coyote cartoon for a child’s birthday to intricately designed motorcycle logos for biking clubs.

When it comes to custom logo embroidery in Oregon, there isn’t anything Barb’s Custom Embroidery can’t do. Check out just a few of the designs she has created before for clients and call Barb’s at 541-601-0594 today to discuss a project or idea you want to bring to life.