Flaxseed Neck and Back Warmers

Whether you are suffering from a sore neck or you simply want a comfortable option to rest your neck and back on after a long day, microwavable Flaxseed Neck and Back Warmers from Barb’s Custom Embroidery could be the perfect option for you.


Flaxseed provides a wide range of benefits, including the fact they aid in healing and wellness by providing moist heat; are extremely comfortable; and since they’re made from flower seeds rather than grain, they retain their heat longer than you might think.


Best of all, you can have your Flaxseed Neck and Back Warmers custom embroidered to personalize your product, and have a flaxseed that is truly “yours.”


Shipping is $12.80 per set, and please see the dimensions below:


Neck warmer 14″ x 8″


Back warmer 6″ x 9″




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Neck & Back Warmers

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