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Psychology of Logo Colors

Company Logo ColorsHave you ever thought about why you feel happy when you see the golden arches that are most commonly associated with McDonald’s? It’s because yellow is a color that has been proven to make people happy. It’s why McDonald’s decided to use yellow over, say, green when they put their original logo together. There is a psychology behind just about every color used on logos.

Here are some other colors that elicit certain feelings when they’re utilized to create logos:


Buy this! Act now! Get pumped! Companies use red when they want to incorporate a sense of excitement and urgency into a product or service. Red is often associated with energy, which is why it’s used to encourage people to take action. There are times when it’s used to express love or to inject romance into a logo. But typically, red is seen as a high energy color that gets people moving.


Companies that use green in their logo usually do it to show that they’re eco-friendly and concerned about Mother Nature. Since people usually associate green with the environment, it’s a way for companies to illustrate that they’re mindful about the planet without actually having to say it. It’s supposed to appeal to people who share the sentiment and want to purchase products and services that are good for the earth.


Sloooooow down and be calm. Companies use blue when they want to inject a sense of peace into their logos. Unlike red, which is designed to inspire and motivate people, blue tells them to take it easy and stop rushing around. There are a lot of brands that utilize blue when they want to show people they’re dependable and won’t give them the run-around.

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