Embroidered Team Uniforms, Backpacks & More

Team uniforms bring any group of people together with a consistent look, name, and mission, regardless of what you are competing in or what goal you’re chasing. From the youngest players in peewee leagues to high school athletes to adult players and everyone in between, Barb’s Custom Embroidery can provide you with embroidered team uniforms for your whole team. With a wide variety of embroidery options, thread colors, and apparel—including embroidered team backpacks—Barb’s Custom Embroidery can put any design on any item, making uniforms and other apparel look impeccable.

Choose from T-shirts, polo shirts, long-sleeve shirts, and other clothing items to find the apparel that best suits your team. Teammates in a bowling league, a chess club, an academic team, a language group, or another after school or after work function will look neat, well-organized, and professional in matching polo shirts as part of their embroidered team uniforms. Sports teams of any age, including club football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, golf, and more, will enjoy the easy movement and breathability of a T-shirt, while custom embroidery will add cohesion and style. Barb’s Custom Embroidery also provides a large selection of clothing and accessories, such as embroidered team backpacks, hats, patches, jackets, and more, to make your uniform complete.

Barb’s Custom Embroidery ships uniforms nationwide from a studio in Medford, Oregon with shipping and handling fees calculated based on the number of items ordered and the shipment weight. Simply call in your order, send an image of your team mascot, logo, or preferred font, and get embroidered team uniforms for everyone. Whether you want embroidered team backpacks for a small team of 10 or fewer or T-shirts for a large team or company with dozens or even hundreds of players, participants, and supporters, Barb’s Custom Embroidery has you covered. Call Barb at 541-601-0594 today to place your order.