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Why You Should Give Employees Custom Apparel

Giving your employees custom apparel is one of the best business decisions you can make. Need some convincing?

Here’s why you should give your employees custom apparel:

It’s a mobile billboard for your business

Put your employees in generic uniforms, and nobody will know where they work. However, when you custom embroider your logo on a polo shirt or T-shirt, your employees will spark interest in your business just by walking around—on their way to and from work, running post-work errands, etc. According to a recent survey, 60% of employees wear branded shirts on a regular basis.

It helps your customers

Ever visited a busy restaurant or shop and had trouble figuring out who actually works there? Avoid confusion and make it easier for your customers to get the assistance they need by giving your employees custom apparel to wear on the job.

It inspires pride and community

Wearing custom apparel can actually enhance employee morale and professionalism. Employees will be more likely to feel proud of their workplace and will feel like they’re part of a cohesive group. When everyone has custom apparel, employees will feel like they’re working together toward common goals.

If you’ve decided you want to give your employees custom apparel to enhance brand recognition, customer experience, and employee morale, Barb’s Custom Embroidery is a great place to find what you need. Barb can embroider or screen print T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts and more. Call Barb’s Custom Embroidery at 541-601-0594 to get a quote for custom apparel for your employees!

How to Dress Up a T-Shirt

If you think T-shirts are strictly casual attire, think again. With the right outfit, a custom-embroidered T-shirt can look stylish and put-together as well as comfortable.

Here’s how to dress up a T-shirt:

Relaxed weekend look

For a relaxed yet trendy weekend look, tuck a T-shirt into your favorite skinny jeans. Pull on some boots over the jeans and finish the look with a tunic-length cardigan. Got a fancy brunch date? Swap the boots for a pair of heels to go with your denim.

Cute and put-together

T-shirts can pair with more than just jeans, of course. A custom-embroidered T-shirt looks fresh and unexpected atop a tailored pencil skirt and ankle boots. A T-shirt is also a great way to tone down and contrast with a dramatic skirt that has fringe, extra volume or a bold pattern. For a slimming effect, belt your waist.

Layered and trendy

Take inspiration from Beyoncé and pair your T-shirt with an embellished or fringed vest. For a more formal look, put an evening jacket over your tee. High shine and sequins will instantly take your top from everyday to dressed-up.


Instantly dress up a T-shirt by pairing it with fun accessories. Tie a patterned scarf around your neck, pick out some dramatic earrings or put on a statement necklace.

Of course, the best type of T-shirt to dress up is one that’s custom-embroidered! Stand out from the crowd in a one-of-a-kind T-shirt from Barb’s Custom Embroidery. Call us at 541-601-0594 to get a quote today!

How to Get Your Design Files Ready for Custom Embroidery

Custom Embroidery in OR

So, you’ve decided to have your business or organization’s logo embroidered on T-shirts, polos or hats. Congratulations! We think you’ve made a great choice and are well on your way to getting noticed.

Now that you’ve gotten the ball rolling, it’s time to get your design files ready for custom embroidery. Here’s how:

Use the right software

In Adobe Illustrator, you can create vector (AI or EPS) files. Vector files are preferable for custom designs because they allow your design to be scaled to any size without a loss of clarity.

Make sure you’re using high-resolution images

Lower resolution will cause your image to blur and affect the quality of the finished design. Set the resolution of your image to 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Choose the right size for fonts

Keep in mind that any lettering will be stitched in thread, and you should choose the right size to make sure it’s legible. The recommended minimum height for lettering is a half-inch. Avoid choosing anything smaller than a quarter-inch.

Save an editable copy for yourself

You may wind up deciding to make changes in your design, so make sure to save yourself a copy you can edit when you send your design to us!

If you’re interested in creating professional custom-embroidered apparel or accessories at prices you can afford, check out Barb’s Custom Embroidery. As Barb says: If we can punch a hole in it, we can embroider it! Give us a call at 541-601-0594 to get a quote and place your order.

Things to Consider Before Ordering Embroidered Products

Embrodiered Products At Barb’s Custom Embroidery, it’s no surprise that we absolutely love embroidery. Not only do we believe it’s a great addition to any business marketing strategy, or as a gift for loved ones, but also, it’s affordable, efficient, and easy to customize. But that doesn’t mean you can order embroidered products without first taking a few things into consideration.

Here’s what to keep in mind:

Have a design idea ready

Of course, many clients come to us knowing exactly what they want embroidered. But not everyone—in fact, we help a number of clients craft a design that fits everything they want to get across to either customers, or loved ones. Before you start embroidering, we recommend clients to come ready with at least an idea of a design they’d like on their products. That way, you leave with the product you imagined.

Check the technique

At Barb’s Custom Embroidery, we offer a number of different embroidery techniques to our clients, like basic embroidery for simple designs, and high-quality customized coloring for specialized designs. It’s worth having a foundational level of knowledge with these techniques beforehand, so when you’re ready to embroider, you know what each one looks like when finished. And don’t forget: we’re always here to help.

Remember your budget

It happens all the time: a client comes in with an idea for X, Y, and Z, but quickly finds out that X, Y, and Z go way beyond their budget. Before you stop by, come up with a realistic price you’d like to spend on embroidery. At Barb’s, Custom Embroidery we’re more than happy to work with any budget you have—but it’s always smart to know what you’re getting into first.

With that being said, once you’ve taken these things into consideration, give us a call today by calling 541-601-0594! We’d be happy to get you started on your first embroidery experience.