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How to Dress Up a T-Shirt

Custom Embroidery in OR

If you think T-shirts are strictly casual attire, think again. With the right outfit, a custom-embroidered T-shirt can look stylish and put-together as well as comfortable.

Here’s how to dress up a T-shirt:

Relaxed weekend look

For a relaxed yet trendy weekend look, tuck a T-shirt into your favorite skinny jeans. Pull on some boots over the jeans and finish the look with a tunic-length cardigan. Got a fancy brunch date? Swap the boots for a pair of heels to go with your denim.

Cute and put-together

T-shirts can pair with more than just jeans, of course. A custom-embroidered T-shirt looks fresh and unexpected atop a tailored pencil skirt and ankle boots. A T-shirt is also a great way to tone down and contrast with a dramatic skirt that has fringe, extra volume or a bold pattern. For a slimming effect, belt your waist.

Layered and trendy

Take inspiration from Beyoncé and pair your T-shirt with an embellished or fringed vest. For a more formal look, put an evening jacket over your tee. High shine and sequins will instantly take your top from everyday to dressed-up.


Instantly dress up a T-shirt by pairing it with fun accessories. Tie a patterned scarf around your neck, pick out some dramatic earrings or put on a statement necklace.

Of course, the best type of T-shirt to dress up is one that’s custom-embroidered! Stand out from the crowd in a one-of-a-kind T-shirt from Barb’s Custom Embroidery. Call us at 541-601-0594 to get a quote today!

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How to Get Your Design Files Ready for Custom Embroidery

Custom Embroidery in OR

So, you’ve decided to have your business or organization’s logo embroidered on T-shirts, polos or hats. Congratulations! We think you’ve made a great choice and are well on your way to getting noticed.

Now that you’ve gotten the ball rolling, it’s time to get your design files ready for custom embroidery. Here’s how:

Use the right software

In Adobe Illustrator, you can create vector (AI or EPS) files. Vector files are preferable for custom designs because they allow your design to be scaled to any size without a loss of clarity.

Make sure you’re using high-resolution images

Lower resolution will cause your image to blur and affect the quality of the finished design. Set the resolution of your image to 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Choose the right size for fonts

Keep in mind that any lettering will be stitched in thread, and you should choose the right size to make sure it’s legible. The recommended minimum height for lettering is a half-inch. Avoid choosing anything smaller than a quarter-inch.

Save an editable copy for yourself

You may wind up deciding to make changes in your design, so make sure to save yourself a copy you can edit when you send your design to us!

If you’re interested in creating professional custom-embroidered apparel or accessories at prices you can afford, check out Barb’s Custom Embroidery. As Barb says: If we can punch a hole in it, we can embroider it! Give us a call at 541-601-0594 to get a quote and place your order.

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Why Personalized Gifts Make the Best Christmas Gifts

Personalized Gifts

Want to make someone feel really special this holiday season? Skip the generic gift certificate and the boring pair of socks and get a personalized gift instead!

Here’s why personalized gifts make the best Christmas gifts:

Personalized gifts work for everyone

Do you have a hard time each year deciding what to get everyone on your Christmas list? Are one of your friends or family members hard to shop for? Go with personalized gifts. Everyone will appreciate the thought and care that you put into your gift.

No one else will have gotten the same thing

Perhaps it’s even happened to you—your Aunt Sue and your Aunt Marge got you the same sweater, and you’re stuck returning one of them. Avoid this problem with a personalized gift—we guarantee the recipient won’t have received the same thing from someone else.

Personalized gifts are a great way to bond and show affection

Getting someone a personalized gift shows them just how special they are to you. Your friend or loved one will feel extra-appreciated knowing that you took the time to think of something that speaks to them as a one-of-a-kind person.

Personalized gifts are truly memorable

Whereas other gifts might be forgotten by next Christmas, your personalized gift will be treasured for many years to come.

Want to give someone the ultimate personalized gift? Why not put professional custom-embroidered apparel or accessories under the tree this year? Check out Barb’s Custom Embroidery for high quality and affordable prices. Give us a call at 541-601-0594 to get a quote and place your order! Happy Holidays!

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Why You’ll Want Your Item Embroidered Instead of Screen Printed

Embroidered vs. Screen Printed

Want to create a high-quality, long-lasting design to adorn custom-designed apparel or accessories? Go for embroidery over screen printing every time.

Here’s why you’ll want your item embroidered instead of screen printed:

Get more colors for the same price

With embroidery, you typically pay a flat fee for your setup cost, regardless of the number of colors in your logo. With screen printing, you typically pay per color, since a different screen is needed for each color. If you like a lot of bright, vibrant colors (and who doesn’t?) this could save you a significant amount of money.

Long-lasting design

Unlike screen printing, which tends to crack or fade over time, embroidered designs won’t fade away over the course of multiple washes and numerous years.

Put your logo on tougher fabrics

Screen printing just won’t work well on some fabrics, like fleece and fuzzy fabrics. Because these fabrics are uneven, screen printing will flake off. Try embroidery instead!

Get the look

Embroidery is a better choice for corporate apparel because it is perceived to be more professional and prestigious. We think it adds classy flair to any type of garment or accessory!

There’s no doubt about it—embroidery is the better choice. If you’re interested in creating custom-embroidered apparel or accessories at affordable prices, check out Barb’s Custom Embroidery. Barb’s motto is: If we can punch a hole in it, we can embroider it! Call us at 541-601-0594 to get a quote and place an order today!

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All About the Different Embroidery Threads

Embroidery Threads

Embroidery is a fine art. In order to create a beautiful finished product, you need the right tools, including the right thread. Thread comes in a variety of weights, colors, levels of elasticity and price points.

Here’s our guide to the different embroidery threads:

Rayon thread

Rayon thread is the most popular choice because it’s easy to use, widely available and has an attractive sheen. It has a soft finish, making it a great choice for everyday apparel.

Polyester thread

Polyester is similar to rayon in that it’s economical and easy to work with. It has slightly less sheen than rayon, but it’s great for children’s clothing or sports uniforms because it won’t fade, shrink or bleed.

Cotton thread

Cotton is the most economical choice, but it has several disadvantages. Cotton thread is not as vibrant or shiny as other types of thread, and it will fade in the sun. Moreover, it doesn’t have elasticity, meaning that it will break or fray when pulled.

Silk thread

Silk is beautiful, but it’s expensive and difficult to care for. Because it’s high maintenance and costly, it may not be the best choice for commercial embroidery projects but it’s great for special-occasion pieces.

Now you know all about the different embroidery threads, but you can still take out the guesswork by leaving embroidery projects to a pro. If you’re interested in creating custom-embroidered apparel or accessories at prices you can afford, check out Barb’s Custom Embroidery. If we can punch a hole in it, we can embroider it! Contact us to get your quote today!

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Psychology of Logo Colors

Company Logo ColorsHave you ever thought about why you feel happy when you see the golden arches that are most commonly associated with McDonald’s? It’s because yellow is a color that has been proven to make people happy. It’s why McDonald’s decided to use yellow over, say, green when they put their original logo together. There is a psychology behind just about every color used on logos.

Here are some other colors that elicit certain feelings when they’re utilized to create logos:


Buy this! Act now! Get pumped! Companies use red when they want to incorporate a sense of excitement and urgency into a product or service. Red is often associated with energy, which is why it’s used to encourage people to take action. There are times when it’s used to express love or to inject romance into a logo. But typically, red is seen as a high energy color that gets people moving.


Companies that use green in their logo usually do it to show that they’re eco-friendly and concerned about Mother Nature. Since people usually associate green with the environment, it’s a way for companies to illustrate that they’re mindful about the planet without actually having to say it. It’s supposed to appeal to people who share the sentiment and want to purchase products and services that are good for the earth.


Sloooooow down and be calm. Companies use blue when they want to inject a sense of peace into their logos. Unlike red, which is designed to inspire and motivate people, blue tells them to take it easy and stop rushing around. There are a lot of brands that utilize blue when they want to show people they’re dependable and won’t give them the run-around.

If you want to use color to your advantage when adding a logo to a shirt, a bag, or something else, Barb’s Custom Embroidery can help you do it. We can add a meaningful pop of color to any item. Call 541-601-0594 today to check out our beautiful embroidered products.

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History of Embroidery


You probably already know that embroidery is a great way to get your business, team or organization noticed. You may also have some embroidered clothing in your closet. But did you know that embroidery has a long and fascinating history?

Humans have long used thread to decorate clothing and objects. We can trace the history of embroidery back to 30,000 B.C., during the Cro-Magnon period. A recent archeological find turned up the fossilized remains of boots, clothing and a hat that were decorated with hand stitching.

Embroidery became popular in Europe during the Renaissance, although only royalty could afford to wear it. Painter Carlo Crivelli created portraits of aristocratic women and figures from the Bible wearing beautifully embroidered clothing.

Indeed, embroidery has been a mark of wealth and status in numerous cultures, including India, China, Japan and Persia.

It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that new manufacturing techniques allowed for affordable embroidered clothing.

Today, embroidery adorns trendy clothing, both on the runway and in everyday shops. It’s not just about fashion these days! Embroidery is also a way for companies, teams and other organizations to promote themselves.

If you want to create custom-embroidered shirts, hats, jackets, sweatshirts or any other product, Barb’s Custom Embroidery is a great place to find what you need. Barb’s motto is: if we can punch a hole in it, we can embroider it!

Order from us to receive professionally made embroidery at affordable prices. Call Barb’s Custom Embroidery at 541-601-0594 to get started today!

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Things to Consider Before Ordering Embroidered Products

Embrodiered Products At Barb’s Custom Embroidery, it’s no surprise that we absolutely love embroidery. Not only do we believe it’s a great addition to any business marketing strategy, or as a gift for loved ones, but also, it’s affordable, efficient, and easy to customize. But that doesn’t mean you can order embroidered products without first taking a few things into consideration.

Here’s what to keep in mind:

Have a design idea ready

Of course, many clients come to us knowing exactly what they want embroidered. But not everyone—in fact, we help a number of clients craft a design that fits everything they want to get across to either customers, or loved ones. Before you start embroidering, we recommend clients to come ready with at least an idea of a design they’d like on their products. That way, you leave with the product you imagined.

Check the technique

At Barb’s Custom Embroidery, we offer a number of different embroidery techniques to our clients, like basic embroidery for simple designs, and high-quality customized coloring for specialized designs. It’s worth having a foundational level of knowledge with these techniques beforehand, so when you’re ready to embroider, you know what each one looks like when finished. And don’t forget: we’re always here to help.

Remember your budget

It happens all the time: a client comes in with an idea for X, Y, and Z, but quickly finds out that X, Y, and Z go way beyond their budget. Before you stop by, come up with a realistic price you’d like to spend on embroidery. At Barb’s, Custom Embroidery we’re more than happy to work with any budget you have—but it’s always smart to know what you’re getting into first.

With that being said, once you’ve taken these things into consideration, give us a call today by calling 541-601-0594! We’d be happy to get you started on your first embroidery experience.

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Benefits of Custom Embroidery Products for Your Business

Benefits of Custom Embroidery Products for Your Business

Looking for an exciting new way to make your business stand out? You may want to consider custom embroidery! Custom-embroidered apparel for employees has a number of benefits:

It’s a walking advertisement for your business

Don’t make the mistake of putting your employees in generic uniforms. Custom embroider your logo on a polo shirt or button-down, and your employees will be generating interest in your business just by walking around.

It establishes brand recognition

The more your customers see your logo, the more they’ll recognize your brand, and the more they’ll subconsciously associate it with excellence. As a business owner, it pays to put your logo in your customer’s sight line as often as you possibly can.

It establishes a sense of pride and community

Custom-embroidered apparel makes your employees feel like they’re part of a community, which will be reflected in their motivation and work ethic.

It inspires professionalism

Employees wearing custom-embroidered, branded apparel are more likely to feel like they are representing your business every time they wear their uniforms, and are consequently more likely to behave with the utmost professionalism.

If you’ve decided to invest in custom embroidery for your business, Barb’s Custom Embroidery is a great place to find what you need. Barb’s supplies embroidered jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, polo shirts and more to companies in Oregon and beyond. Our prices are affordable, and our technique is exceptional. Call Barb’s Custom Embroidery at 541-601-0594 to get started and give your business maximum exposure!