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Why You Should Give Employees Custom Apparel

Giving your employees custom apparel is one of the best business decisions you can make. Need some convincing? Here’s why you should give your employees custom apparel: It’s a mobile billboard for your business Put your employees in generic uniforms, and nobody will know where they work. However, when you custom embroider your logo on […]

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How to Dress Up a T-Shirt

Custom Embroidery in OR

If you think T-shirts are strictly casual attire, think again. With the right outfit, a custom-embroidered T-shirt can look stylish and put-together as well as comfortable. Here’s how to dress up a T-shirt: Relaxed weekend look For a relaxed yet trendy weekend look, tuck a T-shirt into your favorite skinny jeans. Pull on some boots […]

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How to Get Your Design Files Ready for Custom Embroidery

So, you’ve decided to have your business or organization’s logo embroidered on T-shirts, polos or hats. Congratulations! We think you’ve made a great choice and are well on your way to getting noticed. Now that you’ve gotten the ball rolling, it’s time to get your design files ready for custom embroidery. Here’s how: Use the […]

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Why Personalized Gifts Make the Best Christmas Gifts

Want to make someone feel really special this holiday season? Skip the generic gift certificate and the boring pair of socks and get a personalized gift instead! Here’s why personalized gifts make the best Christmas gifts: Personalized gifts work for everyone Do you have a hard time each year deciding what to get everyone on […]

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Why You’ll Want Your Item Embroidered Instead of Screen Printed

Embroidered vs. Screen Printed

Want to create a high-quality, long-lasting design to adorn custom-designed apparel or accessories? Go for embroidery over screen printing every time. Here’s why you’ll want your item embroidered instead of screen printed: Get more colors for the same price With embroidery, you typically pay a flat fee for your setup cost, regardless of the number […]

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All About the Different Embroidery Threads

Embroidery is a fine art. In order to create a beautiful finished product, you need the right tools, including the right thread. Thread comes in a variety of weights, colors, levels of elasticity and price points. Here’s our guide to the different embroidery threads: Rayon thread Rayon thread is the most popular choice because it’s […]

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Psychology of Logo Colors

Have you ever thought about why you feel happy when you see the golden arches that are most commonly associated with McDonald’s? It’s because yellow is a color that has been proven to make people happy. It’s why McDonald’s decided to use yellow over, say, green when they put their original logo together. There is […]

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History of Embroidery


You probably already know that embroidery is a great way to get your business, team or organization noticed. You may also have some embroidered clothing in your closet. But did you know that embroidery has a long and fascinating history? Humans have long used thread to decorate clothing and objects. We can trace the history […]

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Benefits of Custom Embroidery Products for Your Business

Looking for an exciting new way to make your business stand out? You may want to consider custom embroidery! Custom-embroidered apparel for employees has a number of benefits: It’s a walking advertisement for your business Don’t make the mistake of putting your employees in generic uniforms. Custom embroider your logo on a polo shirt or […]