Custom Embroidered Wedding Invitations & Gifts

Looking for a unique wedding gift for that special couple? Barb’s Custom Embroidery can embroider an image of the couple’s custom wedding invitations onto a pillow, bag, tablecloth, or anything else you can think of to allow you to give the couple embroidered wedding gifts in Oregon.

In just four short years, Barbara “Barb” Scofield has built a thriving business from her embroidery hobby. From her studio in Medford, Oregon, Barb creates beautiful custom embroidered designs, logos, and patches known across the state and the country for their combination of high quality at affordable prices. She can create custom embroidered wedding invitations, embroidered wedding gifts, and more in Oregon for you.

Your newly married friends or family members will be thrilled when they open your order from Barb’s Custom Embroidery to find embroidered wedding gifts. The process begins when you deliver or mail the happy couple’s custom wedding invitations to Barb. She will take them and use them to create a beautiful and detailed embroidered design and transfer it to the special item you choose. Your embroidered wedding gifts are sure to be a genuinely unique and memorable gift the happy couple will treasure for years to come.

Barb’s embroidery is so precise and professional you won’t believe your eyes when you see how beautifully she reproduces the design of the custom embroidered wedding invitations. Moreover, these personalized embroidered wedding gifts are affordable.

So, what are you waiting for? Call Barb at 541-601-0594 today and then send her the custom wedding invitations you want to recreate so she can get started on creating the perfect custom embroidered wedding invitation gift for you.